Vision Mission

Our Vision

CCVTE holds the moral responsibility to adhere to the underprivileged sections of society. We are bound to facilitate fine learning and job opportunities for deserving students. We aim to serve a trustworthy and quality platform where people find the opportunity to learn job-demanding skills and vocational training programs.

  • We aim to tackle the growing unemployment in the country by supplying the demanding vocational and skill development programs in multiple domains.
  • To provide multiple, valid, and finest job-oriented programs for the learners and to make them capable of competing within the rapidly developing atmosphere.
  • To elevate the illiterate and technically backward section of society, and thus reduce the huge socio-economic disparity in the education sector.
  • To bridge the gap between unemployed youth and job demand in the economy.
  • To facilitate rural, remote area residents with high-quality learning programs and improve their standard of life.
  • To work for the welfare and development of children and youth of the needy, and weaker sections of the society.
  • To aid and uplift the orphans, widows, people below the poverty line, and other needy sections of our society.

Our Mission

The Central Council for Vocational Training and Skill Education was established to promote technical learning and skill development by accelerating the creation of enormous, high-quality, and nonprofit vocational training and skill education programs.

  • We are dedicated to providing the most exemplary programs for needy groups who can utilize their talent and time to nurture new skills and knowledge and make them capable of competing with the mainstream job market.
  • To work for the welfare and holistic development of the children of needy and weaker strata of our society.
  • We provide diverse short-term courses, certificate courses, diploma courses, professional diplomas, advanced diplomas, PG diplomas, and master's diploma programs.
  • We are committed to building a highly demanding skilled workforce for various industry sectors and other sectors of the country.
  • The proliferation of a platform where the desired candidates find the most suitable and demanding programs to enhance their career development.
  • CCVTE is concerned with developing an excellent range of education for all sections of society, especially for those who are in rural and isolated areas and are unable to access mainstream education.
  • We stand as a bridge between the job demands of the Indian market economy and jobless people. We diffuse the increasing unemployment by creating skilled human resources the economy seeks by creating various vocational training and skill education programs.