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You agree not to use the course or website in any way that could negatively impact the provider of the course, its services, the website, or its entire business. Additionally, you consent to not using the website or course(s):
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  • To commit fraud.
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  • To obtain personal data about other people illegally.

The website and the course(s) are only offered for informative purposes. You understand that no fiduciary relationship is formed between you and us and that no legal, medical, or financial advice is intended to be given based on any information discussed in the courses, materials, or website.

You also acknowledge that you are taking the admission in the Course at your own risk. Regarding any advice or information offered in the courses, materials, or on the website, we disclaim all liability. Using the courses to engage in illicit spam activities, such as gathering email addresses and personal data or sending bulk unsolicited commercial emails, is strictly forbidden. The security of your account and its contents is not our concern.

This agreement may be changed at any time, without previous notice, by us. You accept our right to change this Agreement or any of its contents by accepting.