Privacy Policy

1. Overview:

It is strongly advised that everyone carefully read our institution's privacy policy before using the CCVTE website. It is required of all users, including those who visit the official website, to abide by these policies

2. Objectives:

The purpose of this document is to inform website visitors of CCVTE's policies regarding the gathering, storing, using, and disclosing of their data. For the duration of their involvement with the school, CCVTE will own and control the information that students contribute. This paper also outlines CCVTE's procedures for guaranteeing data security, protecting privacy, and sharing information with outside parties.

3. Scope:

All users of the official CCVTE website, including affiliates, academic staff, students, and prospective students, are subject to this privacy statement.

4. Data Collection:

When users register for an account or use our website, they freely supply us with personal information, which we collect. This information includes contact details as well as other relevant facts like name and email address. We might also collect usage information, like IP addresses, browser languages and versions, access times, and pages viewed while using the website.

5. Utilization of Data:

CCVTE will use the information it collects from website visitors to enhance its products and services, customize user experiences, interact with users, respond to questions from clients, process orders, combat fraud, abide by legal requirements, and achieve other legitimate business objectives.

6. Data Disclosure:

Without the user's approval, we will not sell or exchange any information they freely supply to us through our website (such as their name, phone number, or email address) to other colleges, universities, nonprofits, or corporations. Only when mandated by law or for reasons of safety and security will information be disclosed.

7. Data Security:

Strong security measures are implemented by CCVTE for protection against loss, abuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, and destruction of user data. Although we work hard to keep everything secure, we are unable to guarantee complete protection from outside attacks. To avoid personal information being misused, users are recommended to proceed with caution before clicking on any links belonging to third parties.

8. Use of Cookies:

Cookies are snippets of data that websites that users access collect. To customize content according to user choices, CCVTE gathers cookies from website visitors.

9. Privacy Concerns:

Kindly use the email address or phone numbers listed in the grievance section to contact CCVTE if you have any questions about our privacy policy.

10. Policy Changes:

This privacy statement may evolve as a result of updated processes, updated regulations, or changes involving parties connected to the institute. If required by law, users of this website will be instructed of such changes.