How relevant are skill courses in today’s job market ?



/For the past few years, education has been delivered to students with a focus on theoretical learning. This helped students understand the concepts and methodologies of their subject matter. But after completing their studies, when students used to work professionally in industries, they faced problems in comprehending the practical applications of the subjects and hence, couldn’t perform their roles and responsibilities with their utmost potential. This caused recruiters to shift their focus to recruiting individuals who possess practical knowledge of the subject instead of people with good academic scores and no practical skills. Understanding the job market's needs, our government started promoting skill development courses with an emphasis on upgrading students' skills and increasing their employability and entrepreneurship skills. For this purpose, several initiatives such as Skill India, Make in India, etc., were launched.

Benefits of Skill Development Courses

  • Industry-relevant curriculum: Skills development courses are specially designed to train students through an industry-oriented curriculum so that they can swiftly work in industries after completing their studies.

  • Total Inclusivity: Skill development courses are promoted by the government and aim to impart education even to the marginalized section of society for total inclusivity and bringing the underprivileged into the mainstream of growth through education.

  • Entrepreneurship and innovation: Apart from upgrading the employability skills of students in various industries, skill development courses also foster entrepreneurship skills and innovation in students. This helps them in becoming capable of starting their own business after completing their studies.

  • Stay updated with the latest technologies: Skill courses are crafted to introduce students to the modern trends, innovations, and technologies being used in their field of study that help them stay current with the latest developments in their domains.

  • Lifelong Learning: These practical courses build a sense of lifelong learning mindset in the students which helps them upscale, reskill, and stay updated with the latest changes in their area of study.


Skill development courses are highly beneficial for students who want to upgrade their practical skills and knowledge to work in industries. These courses also help students to uplift their entrepreneurial skills and stay updated with the latest trends, innovations, and technologies in their respective fields. These courses also provide flexibility and affordability in education to help underprivileged students pursue their dream courses without any compromise in education.